Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Around the bowl and in the hole, let's go PEE!

Dear son, my precious child, it is true that encouraging words can go a long way, but encouraging your wee-willie-winky to pee thus far has not accomplished much.

I have always heard the perils of potty training and that training a boy is likened to teaching cats to swim.  In other words, it can be done...but with great difficulty.  At this point, I truly believe that teaching our cat, Spaz, to swim would probably be easier!  Shortly after RJ turned two, he began making deposits in his potty.  After three successful days, his can-do attitude changed to won't and I have tried everything.  I even purchased a book called "Prince of the Potty," which RJ loves.  I read that book often and every time I ask if he is going to be prince of his potty, he replies, "Nope.  Prince of dipey!"  Shoot me now.  Thanks in large part to my father (RJ refers to him as Granny, yes, Granny) who yesterday incorporated some unique tactics, we are back on the pee train, kind of.  Last night before bath, RJ slung off his pull-up and sat on his potty with no prodding!  YAY...kind of.  He sat and sat...nothing.  I gave him a cup of warm water to play with (ode to slumber party pranks)...nothing.  He dumped the water on his wee-willie...nothing.  Finally out of desperation, my son looked down and said, "Come on!  You can do it!  PEE!  PEE!  PEEEEEE!!!!"  Nothing.  I still give him an A for effort!

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